Several themes in Buddhism are echoed by modern psychological therapy practices, for example, the value of being mindful of one’s emotions, developing the skill of concentration, for example on the breath, as a means of relaxation and dealing with anxiety.

But since the heyday of Buddhist Sutra writing, a lot has happened. There is now a literature of para-Buddhist literature and techniques that are remarkably similar to the Buddhist project.

Anyhow, I’m thinking I should focus some of my reading on that and see about creating a Buddhism that is

1/4 early Buddhism, but not it’s right wing socially conservative agenda
1/4 Mahayana Precepts, Vows, ethics & view of the self and other, ideals and goals. But the karma & hells, I could care less about.
1/4 European Enlightenment and Progressive politics
1/4 Science, para-Buddhist psychology and para-Buddhist modern philosophy.

Anyhow, if I manage to follow through, I’ll post a suitable reading list for the last 1/4. It will be a tricky reading list to compile because these books rarely call out their Buddhist inspiration or include the B-word in their title or description.