Dana- Animal Rights in China

I support a bunch of charities in the US. I recently read a bit about the situation with dogs in mainland China, so I did some more research. In Taiwan, humane slaughter laws are only just recently being passed.

I tried to find some charities to send my money to. Please take my money! But alas, I didn’t find much.

CAPM. Mainland organization, no obvious way to donate money.

Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan They have a page to donate money, but it is in Chinese and I have no idea if I can give money from the US.

Duo Duo Project This appears to be a small US charity that does projects and events related to animal rights in mainland China. It takes US donations via PayPal.

Human Society International This is related to HSUS. I don’t know if my donations to HSUS indirectly benefit HSI or if I need to donate to them separately. Anyhow, they take donations is USD and operate in many countries including China.

Animals Asia Works on bear bile issues, and other Asian animal rights projects.

The safe winner is HSI, since they funnel money to smaller groups that I can’t reach anyhow. I plan to give to HSI and the Duo Duo Project.

NB. If you are donating to an international charity, you probably won’t be able to deduct it on your income taxes unless they are registered with the IRS.

Bimonthly Practice Review

I’m thinking this should be a regular category of blog post.

The 8 fold path calls for a variety of mental conditions, working in the world and two kinds of meditation– mindfulness (sati) and concentration (samadhi). Of those, the work and meditation are specifically actionable.

I meditated. As usual, I used Samantabhadra as my focal point. Beats staring at the intersection of two wooden spars on the floor.

I read. Working my way through Basic Teachings of the Buddha by Wallis. I discussed it at my book club.

I participated on the Buddhist.SE website. The bodhisattva vows have probably half a dozen precepts related to teaching, as if being a Buddhist obliges you to teach. And then, in the BNS and UPS, there is much handwringing about who is qualified to teach and if people in the position of teaching are arrogant.

Flashcards. The pali jargon is overwhelming me– not so much in the sense of causing distress, but I’m forgetting the words as fast as I read them.

Review again a curriculum for kids. I still haven’t settled on a plan of attack.